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Feb. 27th, 2008


spring fevor

I'm tidying up the place as best I know how. gather everything i can lift by myself and throw it out the window. i HATE stuff. stuff gets in my way. It takes up my space/time and money. I like money, i can use it to travel, eat and weirdo pubs and dinners and impress my many girlfriends. but stuff? stuff is for welfare people that sue companies so they can spend it all on wide screen tv's in ensure they won't get kicked off of welfare the next month. I however don't need stuff.
in any case, i was cleaning my place and found my rollerblades. so i tried them on. oh yes. still fit snugly. k2=nike with wheels ahhhh. it being February of course i was trying them on in the house. so i gave them a little spin. in the house. very nice! wood floors are neat. after that decided that i should move my couch and not to bother taking off the blades. so i'm moving couches in roller blades. no problem. then i got hungry. lifting those couches and listening to industrial music and all. by the time i was roller blading around the house with a bowl of hot chilly balanced on a plate in my hands, i noticed my budgi looking at me. so i asked him. have i completely lost my mind Loki? The bird only looks at me back with a look that seemed to say... " you only think to ask me that now?'

so My belly is full of chilly and i am typing this journal (yes in my roller blades) dreamily thinking of spring when i can take these bad boys out for a real spin. maybe by then i will be able carry the chilly on my head.(still in the bowl)


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